About Us

Who Are We?

Shalom Assembly of Yahweh is a Hebrew Roots congregation composed of believers that are diligently searching for the original faith of our Messiah and His disciples. The foundational cornerstone of our faith is our Father Yahweh and our Savior Yahshua His son. Our doctrines are not watered down acts of faith but substantial and endearing efforts to both understand and obey His word as noted in the Bible. Our lives are guided by the His, Laws, Decrees, Statutes, and Precepts given and kept by our forefathers, prophets, faithful Israelites our Messiah and his followers. We believe that His Word is the bread which can give all men sustenance in this dark age; and that His Word is eternal!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish a generation of believers with strong family values, Scriptural strengths, love for the brethren, obedience to the word of our Creator and dedicated to our Savior. The base of our ministry is our local members and their families and it our desire to make this world a better place by developing community minded programs.


If you would like to make a Donation or Tithe, Please mail your donations to:
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh
P.O. Box 158
Sterling, IL 61081

or you can do it by online by pressing the button below- be advised we are ‘not’ a 501C3 corporation


All are welcomed to come and fellowship with us, if you are traveling from a distance please call us so that we can help you make lodging arrangements: Please familiarize yourself with the following rules of conduct that all members and visitor’s are expected to abide by: 

1. The Sabbath is a Day Set-Apart (Holy) to our Heavenly Father Yahweh;
therefore we do not argue or defile the Sabbath by discussing issues that bring
contention. We believe that we can discuss any issue however it must be done in an
orderly and respectful manner.

2. If any member or visitor has an issue of doctrine that is different from what believe,
the presenter will present it to a council composed of ‘all’ the men of the assembly who
are of the age of accountability (20 years old). The men of the assembly will than
dedicate themselves to review, study, discuss, pray and fast about the matter.
If eventually a decision that favors the presenter is reached by all the men of the
assembly, then the matter will be presented to the entire assembly and that particular
doctrine will be used to guide the assembly. At no time will the presenter be allowed to
disseminate or present the doctrine in question in any other manner or to anyone that
is not noted above. We follow this principles as a means to protect the children of the
assembly from confusion and to provide them a non-chaotic environment. In addition
we believe that it is our duty to maintain order and stability within the assembly.

3. We are an assembly that supports and believes that the Names of our Heavenly
Father and Savior are a key to gaining wisdom and spiritual growth.
Therefore the members of the assembly have agreed that anybody that speaks or is
invited to speak during our Sabbath Services and/or during the feast days, ‘must’ utilize
the sacred names while giving the message. However, the assembly has also agreed
that during the ‘Special offering’ part of our services and since we receive many visitors
who are new to the Sacred Names or who are just learning about them, in those cases
we will allow those individuals to give offerings, if they so desire, using the common titles. We do not believe nor do we support that the Names of our Heavenly Father and Savior should be used as a whip or weapon against those individuals that are in the infancy part of their walk. We believe that we must lead by example not by force.

4. We hold that the ministers of the assembly are to guide the ‘assembly’ in spiritual and
scriptural matters and that whenever needed they can counsel (give advise) to the
brethren who request it. However we believe that each and every men is responsible for
ensuring that their families are guided and are walking in the ‘ways’ of our Heavenly
Father and Savior. The men are to seek purity by staying away from sinful behavior such
as pornography, drinking, gambling, carousing, etc. They are not to be abusers of their
wives and/or children. They are to assist their wives in creating a learning, stable and
peaceful environment in their homes so that they can then transfer the same to the

5. Based on the commandment that we are to raise the children in the way they should
go, we believe that the children are the center of the assembly; our assembly therefore
functions with their interest at heart. We encourage our children to participate in
assembly functions by leading us in music, by giving messages and by making them feel
and know that they are a part of something special. We are not raising our children to
be in a religion but we are raising them to adopt the ways of Yahweh as a way of life!

6. We ask that all members and visitors dress appropriately whenever in the presence
of the assembly. Women are to dress decent and with non-revealing clothes,
men are not required to wear suits or ties but their clothes should also be appropriate;
all clothing should fall under the guidelines of being decent and clean. Regarding head
coverings, we believe that women should wear them as part of their attire but we do
not admonish nor criticize anyone that is not so convicted. Again we want to lead by
example not by force.

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