Answer (7)

Answer (7). By quoting Psalm 22:1 here, Yahshua was fulfilling the prophecy of Psalm 22:22, showing that He was the promised Messiah. It also demonstrates that our Savior spoke Hebrew, or the Aramaic dialect of Hebrew. The Savior was NOT calling His Father “My God” – an appellation from a completely different language – but “My El,” which in Hebrew means “Mighty One” or “Powerful One” (the yod or “i” on the end of El means “my”). It is one of the titles referring to Yahweh, but is not a substitute name. Yahshua also once in prayer called Him by the Hebrew abba, meaning father, Mark 14:36. But neither isabba a name.

Any time a title becomes so dominant that it is used as a replacement for the sacred Name, that designation expunges the only Name whereby we are saved, regardless as to whether that title has had a previously acceptable association with Him.

Churchianity uses the titles “God” and “Lord” in the same way Israel used “Baal” (see Jer. 23:26-27, where Yahweh says, “their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal”). These titles have become total, exclusive substitutes that are historically associated with pagan images (review the subheading, “Ancient Roots of ‘God’ and ‘Lord,’ p. 27).