It is generally understood that our Creator has many titles. For instance he is often referred to as our Father, our Creator, our Maker, etc. Although many people consider the word ‘God’ to be the proper name of our Father it is actually a title.  We prefer to use the title ‘Elohim’ instead of God for two reasons: 1. Elohim was used by the patriarch’s to refer to our Creator. 2. Our  Creator Himself used this title to refer to Himself. 

The title Elohim is used over 2000x’s in the Old Testament. In fact wherever you see the word ‘God’ in the Bible it should instead be pronounced ‘Elohim’. For instance when you see, “the Lord God” it should be read, “Yahweh Elohim”. This gives a meaning which should be understood as “Yahweh Almighty!”. 

Now please understand that we do this more out of respect then a commandment. We don’t have a problem with the word/title ‘God’. We simply prefer to use the Hebrew terms as we feel that it helps us understand the Scriptures better. Furthermore, God is a generic title for our Creator as it can also be used in reference to Satan. Such as when we say “Satan is the god of this world.” Virtually every religion in the world refers to their deity as their ‘God’, to include the Muslims, who say that “Allah is the only God!” 

In essence we prefer ‘Elohim’ as a distinction between the gods of other religions and the One and Only Creator and Mighty One of the Bible!

A side note: Many of the names in the Bible have the title Elohim in them. Whenever you see names that either end or start with “EL” they are indicative of this title. For instance Elijah, which should really be pronounced as “Eliyah” as their is no ‘J’ in the Hebrew, actually means “Yahweh is my Elohim.” The Name Daniel, means “Judge of Elohim”. Israel, or Yisrael means “Overcomes with the help of Elohim”. How many more names can you find in the Bible that have this title in them?