Keeping the Feast of Yahweh

Keeping the Feast of Yahweh In this hard economy

It is no secret that our economy is going down the dumps. Thousands of people are receiving lay off notices; businesses are closing everyday, hundreds of people losing their homes. And even in the midst of this chaos, the feasts of Yahweh will soon begin their annual and cyclical orbit within our Heavenly Father’s calendar.  The Scriptures are clear that all of his people, especially the men are to appear before him three times a year:

17 “Three times a year {all the men} are to appear before the Sovereign Yahweh.  Ex 23:17

These noted times to appear are noted in the following text:

16 Three times a year all your men must appear before Yahweh your Elohim at the place he will choose: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Tabernacles. … Deut 16:16

It is important to understand that in the Hebrew mindset, when the men are mentioned, this also includes their wives and their children by extension. So when a man appears before Yahweh, by extension his wife and children should be there too! The Scriptures remind us that we are not to appear empty handed but that we should be ready to make an offering in proportioned to the things that Yahweh has blessed us with. Although the reference to material and money is there, the most important thing that Yahweh wants us to offer him is our dedication, heart and obedience! It is of a concern that some people see the Feasts as a vacation rather than a time to reflect on the all the wonderful blessings that Yahweh has provided us. The focus for some is to figure out what kind of fun activities will be offered at specific feast sites rather then thinking about what they can offer Yahweh.  The reality is that with the economy in disarray it is more important than ever that we get back to the basics of what feast keeping is really all about. We are commanded to appear before Yahweh and to rejoice for his blessings, not to seek fun for our flesh. With the unknowns of the economy this year in particular will prove very difficult for those brethren who have failed to plan ahead. That is why it is so important that you begin to make preparations to attend the Feasts today!

Preparing for the feasts of Yahweh takes foresight, dedication and certainly some sacrifice, but the rewards of keeping the feast far outweigh any discomfort. Start to save today by saving a nice percentage of your tax return. Forgo a planned vacation and instead utilize the money for the feast; tighten your hunger for material goods and instead build a feast fund; have a garage sale, a bake sale, or sale some of your excess material that is just taking up dust. Remember that whatever you do on earth for Yahweh, he will reward you much in heaven. Obedience to Yahweh is not optional, especially if you are a baptized member of the eeklesia (body of believers).