Sacred Names

Here are a few articles which will explain why we believe that the correct Names of the Father and Son are an essential part of our Worship. (Notice at bottom of page for a list of the most common questions people ask about the True Names)




How Did the Name Jesus Originate?

Most Common Questions Asked About the Name
(taken from the Mistaken J by YNCA)
Following are the questions and objections most often rise in regard to the personal Name of the Father and Son. Attempting to answer every objection the human mind may devise could prove an almost endless exercise with those who are just trying to avoid honoring their Creator as He commands us to. But for those with a genuine inquiry, we respond to the following.

1. Q. “There are no vowels in the Hebrew letters of the sacred Name YHWH, so how can we know how to pronounce it correctly?”

2. Q. “Hasn’t the pronunciation of the Name been lost?”

3. Q. “’Yahweh’ is Hebrew but I speak English. Why shouldn’t I use the English ‘God’?”

4. Q. “He has many names. Wouldn’t all worship go to Him anyway, no matter what name we use?”

5Q. “But doesn’t He know who I mean no matter what I call Him?”

6. Q. “The sacred Name was not known before Moses, and therefore it was not a salvation Name for those who came before Moses, like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This being the case, why is it necessary for us?”

 7. Q. “Hanging on the torture stake, our Savior cried out to Yahweh, ‘Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani,’ that is to say, ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?’ (Matt. 27:46). If He could use this title, what’s the problem if I use ‘God,’ too?”

 8. Q. “Where is there any record that Yahshua ever spoke or taught His Father’s Name Yahweh, or that the Name is in the New Testament?”

9. Q. “If it is so important, why isn’t there evidence of the Name outside of the Hebrew Scriptures?”

10. Q. “Yahweh confused all the languages at the Tower of Babel, and because Hebrew was extant at that time, how can we be sure that the original pronunciation of Yahweh’s Name wasn’t changed?”

11. Q“Doesn’t Psalm 138:2 say His Word is magnified above His Name?”

 12. Q. “You spell the Heavenly Father’s Name ‘Yahweh,’ but I have also seen it spelled ‘Yahowah’ or ‘Yahuweh.’ Why is this?”

 13. Q. “Doing or asking in Yahweh’s name merely means ‘by His authority.’ How can you say it means pronouncing a Hebrew Name?”